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About Mark Lichtle

Mark Lichtle

Founder & President


Creative, tenacious, and independently motivated professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and 20+ years of experience in Media and Production, including a solid background in videography and still photography. Specialized expertise in extreme sports cinematography and stock images. Adept problem-solver with the instinctive logic to decipher problems in unfamiliar situations and the determination to explore innovative, out-of-the-box solutions. Exceptional communication skills and optimistic attitude. Accustomed to managing multiple, time-sensitive priorities with acute attention to detail. Unmistakable professional integrity and incomparable work ethic. Led by a singular goal:



Oversees all aspects of business and operations management, including project management, event coordination, sales/marketing, and budget management. Produce cutting edge film and still photography, specializing in sports cinematography and stock images. Manage entire production lifecycle from initial conceptualization to on-location filming and production of final images for client. Translate client’s vision into marketing concept and prepare budget. Organize team, secure permits/licenses, set agendas, and outline each team member’s duties/responsibilities. Negotiate licenses with ABC, CBS, NBC, the Discovery Channel, and the BBC. Edit images and video using Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro. Currently filming using 4K video technology. Fabricate custom equipment, camera mounts, camera boxes, and rappelling camera rigs. Experience in fabricator welding, milling, and lathe work. Clients include: Yahoo,, CBS, Time Magazine.



“Never settle for mediocrity”

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