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Marketing & Promotions

Prior work

Budweiser BASE jump

Budweiser launched a worldwide campaign to promote clean, renewable energy. They have reduced electricity consumption in their beer production and want to inspire others to do likewise. Their goal for this project is to promote that their electrical usage for brewing beer comes from 100% renewable electricity – and they came up with the BASE jump from the wind turbine idea. Aerial Extreme was brought in to coordinate the stunt and have a customer logo canopy built.


As a result of the hard work, safety-first focus and experienced Aerial Extreme team’s efforts, 3 flawless jumps were made from the 265 foot wind turbine tower and became the core of the ad campaign.

Chegg reached out to Aerial Extreme to come up with a clever way to market their scholastic used book service. Their vision was to have the UCLA Bruin’s mascot skydive into a high profile football game at the Rose Bowl during half time and deliver a book to a waiting student on the field. The results were over the top.

Yahoo approached Aerial Extreme with the idea of having a skydiver parachute into Stanford Stadium during a rival

football game. Their vision was to have the jumper make an online purchase while under canopy using a laptop, then land on the 50-yard line. They also asked to have the entire purchase wirelessly streamed in real-time to the stadium Jumbotron below.


Maltese Falcon

Photo shoot

Helicopter platform

GoFast Games

Event Photographer

Manlift platform


Event Photographer

Power boat platform

Eiger Project

Event Photographer

Roped in on cliff face


Track event

Ground-based camera work

Jetski Stunt


Freefall camera work

B-17 Project

Through the bomb bay doors

Freefall camera work

American Flag Stunt

Freefall camera work

Sky Ski Photo

Power boat platform

Rock & Roll

Video Production

Helicopter camera work

SWAT project

Freefall camera work

Calendar Cover

Freefall camera work

Water Extreme Event

Lake Shasta

Roped in on boat

July of 4th

Featured in magazine

Helicopter camera work

BASE Stunt

Time Magazine center spread

Ground camera

Fall waterski shoot

Ground-based camera

Kiss me now

Freefall camera work

Magazine Cover Shot

Air-to-air helicopter shot

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