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By having our own machine shop, we are able to fabricate just about anything for our clients -


be it a foldable laptop bracket built for skydiving as in our Yahoo project,



or a custom delivery box capable of withstanding 

freefall speeds of over 120mph as in our Chegg project.

more great examples of

our custom work

If it doesn't exist,

     we just make it.

WingCam camera mount

Aerial Extreme developed what we call the WingCam. It's a solid camera base that mounts to the strut of of an aircraft. It is great for when the client needs the best quality footage possible. It quickly mounts directly to the aircrat for amazing shots.

GoPro camera plate - only 2" tall 

This heavy gauge steel plate GoPro mount is designed to stay in place when an aircraft or car drives over it. It captures both the coming and going footage at the same time. Get rock solid shots without any movement.


This camera system was developed by Aerial Extreme for a BBC project at Cave of the Swallows in Mexico. The camera follows the talent down a 1,200-foot rappel, capturing a perspective never seen before. The results were extraordinary and the BBC loved the shot.

High-Definition Camera Helmet

4K also available!

Motorized Winch Extraction System

8hp capstan winch capable of

lifting over 500lbs

Co-developed with Randy Pacheco

Rope lowering and retrieval with hydraulic

disc brake

Custom over-the-edge rope

management rollers

Modified rappelling racks capable

of over 1,200 foot rappels 

Custom self-extraction system

Custom chest plate capable of holding an assortment of cameras, mounts and hardware  

This freefall camera helmet focuses on high resolution still photography.


The fast refresh battery system produces amazing images with just the right amount of fill light. 


It is fabricated with custom wiring and machined parts.

Custom GoPro camera

mounts and guards


hydrofoiling, sky skiing or Air Chair

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