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BASE jumping in the middle of a city is just crazy, and people love it. It’s that "in your face" attitude that draws the attention of media sources from around the globe. Crowds flock to witness such an extreme event. They can't wait to video or take a photo to post that day.


Whether launching a new product or promoting your brand, a BASE jump can put the spotlight right on you. Need to draw more customers to your hotel? If it's high enough we can make it happen.  





Exhibition BASE Jump

Video Coverage

Wingsuit Jumps

Any Celebration

An exhibition skydive is an event in which one or more skydivers exit an aircraft over a pre-designated area as part of a public or private setting. With precision and accuracy, the jumpers land right in front of a crowd of screaming and excited fans.    


What do our clients get?

  • Viral Media Attention

  • Corporate Awareness

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Product Demand

  • Sponsor Recognition

Exhibition Skydive

Sunset Jumps

Water Landings

 Multitude of Aircraft 

Custom Parachutes

Streamers and Smoke

Partiotic Flags and Banners

Any Event

All Locations

Exhibition Skydives & BASE Jumps
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