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Budweiser BASE jump

Project Details

Budweiser marketing was interested in promoting their 100% Renewable Electricity efforts and set out to create an exciting campaign to get the word out. Their production team contacted Aerial Extreme to see if a BASE jump from one of their wind turbines in Fairfield, California was possible. 


After a team meeting with Budweiser, the wind turbine company, the insurance carrier and the producer, Aerial Extreme was able to climb the tower and confirm that there was at least 265 feet of jumpable airspace. Following a quick look around the tower we determine that it was suitable for a safe landing. The project was a go. 

We only had a month to get everything ready for the jump so we got right to work. The first challenge was to design and order a 

custom logo parachute for Budweiser. Once the design was confirmed, we ordered the parachute and had it in our hands in record time. 

Next we had to assemble a crack team of professionals to pull off the jump safely. 265 feet is not much altitude, the jump and landing would only last a few seconds, so the right people were imperative.


Once the team was set, we coordinated with Aerial Extreme Drone Services team as drones would play a large role in this production. A total of three drones and 4 operators would be used to capture all of the excitement from a spectacular vantage point high in the sky. 


On the day of the jump, the weather was perfect! Everyone met at dawn at the Budweiser brewery and quickly got into their teams. When the production team was ready, we sent up the jumper and his safety supervisor whose sole job was to keep the jumper safe prior to the jump. 


With drones flying everywhere and ground- based cameras rolling, the jumper made his first jump. It was a perfect exit and the parachute opened on heading, within seconds the jumper landed and everyone erupted with joy. 

A total of three jumps were made that day and the footage was impressive. We had an onsite editor who collected all the video and played it back for all of us to see. All parties involved were ecstatic over the accomplishment, from the producers, to the Budweiser marketing team to the production team. 


Now it was on to the interviews with the jumper. Surrounded by the production team, he shared his story of the jump. Finally he was handed a Budweiser beer with the new logo and took a sip. His work was done.

At the end of a very long production day, the general manager at Budweiser brought out a cooler full of Bud beer for everyone. After starting to drink the beer we were asked to look at the born-on date on the can. The beer was only about an hour old. The manager had pulled the beer right off the line and shared it with all of us. It was a great day!

Climb inside the tower video

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