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Aerial Extreme has been taking photographs for over two decades. We started with film and were early adopters of the digital revolution.


We pride ourselves on being able to shoot just about anything from just about anywhere, be it on the ground, a plane, helicopter, boat or in freefall. We get the shot you need.

Need eye popping photography to spice up your project? Look no further than our large selection of extreme sports photography.

Stock Photography

Can’t find what you need in our library? Book a custom shoot. Just tell us what you need and we can make it happen.

          No matter how crazy!

Don’t have an idea? Then call us. Our imaginations are large, diverse and eclectic. We can definitely make something exciting happen for you, even if we have to build it.

Want to see your product in freefall with skydivers?  We can do it.

Products in Freefall

Our award-winning photography has graced the covers of many magazines, billboards, and calendars as well as the center spread of Time Magazine.

What can we shoot for you?

Looking for more traditional photography, check out Mark Lichtle Photography.

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